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Unique Industrial Solutions is provide various solutions to the Occupational Safety and Environment protection field in the Industrial section. The company is market leading supplier with multiple industries. Currently in operation and has unrivaled operational experience in  this field. The companies main activities are the supplying the various range Occupational safety products, Water treatment plants, Water treatment equipment and chemicals to Sri Lanka industries. The company is committed to conducting business in sustainable way over the long term by developing close relationship with local people, communities and business in Sri lanka, and by safeguarding the natural environment. It is Our goal and driving ambition to be the trusted partner of choice, delivering reliable, complete solutions that create value for Our clients, by sustainable and passionately leveraging the companies technology and operating experience.
Hearing Protection
Full range of products designed to protect people against hazardous noise. They include ear plugs, ear muffs and caps, noise-cancelling headsets and communications headsets that include hearing protection.  The products are tested and labeled in accordance with EPA standards in the US, as well as other national and international standards, and their use is mandated by OSHA and other agencies in environments where noise is a hazard.
Hand Protection
Company of the market a full range of gloves to protect workers against cuts and lacerations, chemical and biological agents, electric shock, flame and temperature extremes, vibration and other hazards.  They are manufactured and tested to rigorous material and product standards, and their use is mandated by OSHA and other regulatory bodies.
Body Protection
Marketing of all types of protective garments, including chemical and liquid protective clothing from disposable coveralls to total encapsulating suits, fire and heat resistant clothing, thermal protective apparel, and accessories.  These products and the materials of which they are made are subject to rigorous performance standards, and their use is mandated by regulation in the US and around the world.
Foot Protection
To protect feet and legs from falling objects, moving machinery, sharp objects, hot materials, chemicals, or slippery surfaces, employees should wear closed-toed shoes, boots, foot guards, leggings, or safety shoes as appropriate. Safety shoes are designed to protect people from the most common causes of foot injuries - impact, compression, and puncture. Special foot protection is also available for protection against static electricity, sparks, live electricity, corrosive materials, and slipping.
Eye & Face Protection
Market a complete line of equipment to protect the eyes and face of people in occupational and educational settings, including Plano and prescription safety glasses, goggles, face shields, welding helmets, and face piece or hooded respirators.  Use of eye and face protection is required by OSHA and other government regulations, using equipment that meets ANSI (in the US) or other national or international standards.
Fall Protection
Market a full range of equipment and systems designed to protect workers whose jobs require them to work at heights. Fall protection is required in numerous OSHA regulations, and the equipment is made to comply with national and international performance standards.  Products include harnesses, lanyards, lifelines, anchorages and support structures, connectors, and other components of personal fall arrest systems.
Respiratory Protection
In this context, respiratory protection refers to equipment worn by workers to protect them against inhaling hazardous gases, vapors, particulates, chemical agents, biological contaminants, radio logical particles or other hazards.  Products include the full range of respiratory protection equipment for industry, mining, healthcare, fire services and emergency response, and the military  – disposable filtering face piece masks, half-mask or full-face piece air-purifying respirators, powered air purifying respirators (PAPRs), supplied-air respirators and hoods, and self-contained breathing apparatus.
Emergency Eyewash and Shower
Emergency eyewash and shower equipment is designed to provide emergency flushing of the eyes, face or body of a person exposed to hazardous materials.  This equipment is installed in workplaces of all types, from factories to auto repair shops, as well as laboratories, hospitals and schools.  Products include emergency drench showers, eyewash units that may be permanently attached to the plumbing system or free-standing tank systems, eye/face washes, drench hoses, drench hoses, fixed and portable decontamination showers, mixing valves and personal eyewash bottles.


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