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Uniquein is a full-service safety solutions and environmental protection solutions supplying and consulting firm that can provide On-Site Safety Services, Risk Management Services, Consulting, Comprehensive Safety and Health Training, and many more safety and environmental Solutions that can help your company achieve the EHS excellence it deserves!

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Unique Industrial Solutions is provide various solutions to the Occupational Safety and Environment protection field in the Industrial section. The company is market leading supplier with multiple industries. Currently in operation and has unrivaled operational experience in this field. The companies main activities are the supplying the various range Occupational safety products, Water treatment plants, Water treatment equipment and chemicals to Sri Lanka industries. The company is committed to conducting business in sustainable way over the long term by developing close relationship with local people, communities and business in Sri lanka, and by safeguarding the natural environment. It is Our goal and driving ambition to be the trusted partner of choice, delivering reliable, complete solutions that create value for Our clients, by sustainable and passionately leveraging the companies technology and operating experience.


Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes all types of equipment used to increase individual safety while performing potentially hazardous tasks. This may include safety glasses, safety goggles, safety helmets, hard hats, earmuffs, earplugs, safety gloves, lab coats, safety respirators, safety shoes,safety belts, safety harness or any equipment used to protect against injury or illness. NIOSH requires PPE to be provided, used, and maintained in a sanitary and reliable condition wherever hazards environment, Physical hazardous, chemical hazards, radiological hazards, or mechanical irritants are encountered in a manner capable of causing injury or illness through absorption, inhalation, or physical contact. We provide all kinds of NIOSH standard safety equipment to prevent people from workplace hazards. Our scope is to make a safe working environment to protect you from workplace hazards.


We provide NIOSH standard OSHA compliant fall protection systems and safety lifeline systems for all industrial safety lifeline requirements.NIOSH standard LOTO (Lockout Tagout) system for all industrial LOTO (Lockout Tagout) requirements, NIOSH standard electrical protection systems, and fire protection systems for maintaining a zero accident concept for the maintain a standard and safe workplace for everyone through the supply, installation and commissioning of all industrial safety systems for your all industrial safety projects requirements. Our scope is making a safe working environment to prevent fall hazardous, fire hazardous, electrical hazardous in your workplace. Contact Us to get a quote for safety project for your safety Lifeline system, LOTO(Lockout Tagout) system, Fire Protection system, electrical protection system requirements. Our professionals will contact you for success in your project.


We are the pioneers of constructing clean water projects, portable water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, water filtration systems, rainwater harvesting systems, reverse osmosis (RO) treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, effluent treatment plants, water softening plants, dissolved air flotation systems (DAF),Lamella tube settler systems, Aeration ponds, Sludge dewatering systems, and SBR, MBBR, Treatment systems and any kind of water purifying systems for industrial and domestic uses. We supply all kinds of water treatment equipment, all kinds of distribution pumps, water treatment chemicals, and services for industrial and domestic water treatment requirements. Our hope to save water for the future world trough the zero water pollution concept. Contact Us to get a quote for your water treatment requirements. Our professionals will contact you to success in your water treatment project.

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